DegenScore Beacon

Access exclusive opportunities thanks to your on-chain skills

Meet the DegenScore Beacon, your key to leverage your on-chain reputation across web3.

DegenScore Beacon

What you do is who you are anon, and we know how Great you are! Time we show the world.

Your dox-resistant, native web3 credential

Bundle one or more wallets and send the Beacon to your public address (We ❤️ ENS): no ties between the wallets, no doxing - only skill-based flexing!

Get rewarded for your on-chain skills

Access exclusive opportunities available only to Beacon holders in the DegenScore Cafe and beyond.

Take your on-chain reputation everywhere

The Beacon is a soulbound token that stores your on-chain reputation both in its metadata and directly on-chain for maximum composability.

How it works

The Beacon is an Ethereum soulbound token that highlights your on-chain skills & traits across one or more wallets. Use it to leverage your on-chain reputation in the DegenScore Cafe and across web3.


Bundle wallets to maximise your DegenScore and traits


Mint your DegenScore Beacon to a wallet of your choice


Use your Beacon in the DegenScore Cafe and beyond!

DegenScore Beacon

Launch Partners

Great projects want great users and great users are made on-chain: attract the perfect users for your protocol by integrating the DegenScore Beacon.

From the team that brought you...

DegenScore V.1

We stand by the web3 doers and not the LARPers

Taking risks, mastering projects and governance, winning and help others win. This is what your DegenScore is about: what you do is proof of your skill, own it and share it with the world.

We'll build the Metaverse one transaction at the time, and it will be beautiful anon!

Version: 4.9.2